Optima Interior Putty

Optima Interior Putty is a surface modifier with high filling properties. Specially developed for interior use on pre-cast concrete structures, gypsum drywalls and for plastered surfaces.  Ideal for filling up and rectifying minor surface defects, mechanically damaged areas and hairline cracks. The filler putty is ready mixed and should be used without addition of water. Avoid application of thick coat otherwise surface cracks may appear on drying. In order to smoothen the surface spread the putty evenly and work rapidly on the surface with a steel spatula  and allow to dry hard. Finish off with fine sand paper to achieve a smooth finish. For larger cracks, holes and drywalls joints use fiberglass mesh/tapes before application of Putty.  

Key Information



Drying Time

2 hours

Spreading Rate

3 m2 /Ltr /Coat