About Us

Welcome to Prisma

Prisma Paints is a paint manufacturing company located at Sitra Industrial Area, Kingdom of Bahrain. The company was established in the year 1994 in Bahrain. Prisma paints is an ISO 9001:2015, 14000:2015 certified company.

We manufacture premium quality products and sell through a network of distribution set up, both in Bahrain market and exports to various other GCC countries, India and to African locations. Over the recent years we have developed our distribution network and marketing channels to serve the needs of   our clientele which includes corporates, industries and consumers in retail sector.

With a single shift operation, our factory can produce 3.5 Million liters annually. With the endeavor for continuous improvement as our commitment, Prisma is planning to expand its production capacity further by 5 million liters annually to meet the growing demands of local and export markets. Our product range include decorative, industrial, wood coating and floor coatings. This includes production of primers, topcoats, textures, protective and industrial coatings both in water based and solvent based categories.

R&D - Research Innovation and co development has been always the heart of our group strategy over the past 26 years. With the help of a well-equipped laboratory facility and well trained qualified chemists, Prisma Paints strives on a daily basis to ensure our product ranges are updated keeping in mind the cost effectiveness, new products development, competitor actives and trouble shooting.

Our QC departments are well defined and is an aggregate of activity designed to ensure adequate quality especially in manufacturing products with up to date knowhow, with stringent quality testing parameters with the support of sophisticated testing equipments.

Architectural Finishes

Personalize your wall with infinite unique combination of colors and special effects with Prisma range of products. Our decorative range helps you to express your feeling with rich classic, elegant, contemporary colors. It brings life to walls by filling your home with vibrant energy. Technology has helped us to bring out low VOC, anti-fungal, easy wash-ability, hiding, durability features in our product range.

Wood Coatings

Keeping the love for nature in mind, Prisma offers our wood coating range for increasing the aesthetic appeal and simultaneously giving the required protection for the wood. Our range offers stains, primers and topcoats in various groups of nitrocellulose and polyurethane finishes. With the backup of our R&D department, we are a solution provider for coating system for both interior and exterior applications on various kinds of wood.

Industrial, Protective & Floor Coating

Our Industrial spectrum offers a gamut of comprehensive coating systems, ranging from primer and topcoats of various epoxy, polyurethane and hybrid coating which is widely used in structural, fabrication and scaffolding industries. Our epoxy and PU coatings have excellent properties in protection of metal, concrete substrate in a wide range of corrosive application. To top it up, we have a full line of heavy duty floor coatings.

Customer Relation Management

Our organization has put all efforts to attain our corporate goals. One of the important goals for us is to retain current and past customers and gain new customers. In order to attain these goals, we adopt practices which will help in giving maximum customer satisfaction. With the CRM module in place, the practices adopted by us are development of products as per customer’s needs, offering them a wide range of products to satisfy a specific need, providing services which will help in better consumption of products and offering entire things in a price which is affordable to them. Relationship with firms and customers is bilateral. Strong bondage on both sides is required for long standing relationship. We focus on the needs and wants of specific target group and then work hard to maximize satisfaction with products and services being offered. Satisfied customers are the tool for promotion of our products and services offered by us.