Slick Gloss Enamels

Slick Gloss Enamel is based on highly durable synthetic Alkyd resin in combination with lightfast pigments which is able to impart on thorough drying, a hard and glossy finish.  Slick Gloss Enamel paints are suitable for protection and decoration of most interior and exterior surfaces of metal and wood where high gloss and a durable finish is required. It is also ideal for internal and external application on masonry surfaces including plastered walls and on block works provided the surface is properly prepared. The coating is formulated to give excellent flow, leveling and film build and on drying provides a brilliantly gloss finish which remains unaffected by climatic variation prevailing in Middle Eastern countries.

Key Information


High Gloss

Drying Time

24 hours

Spreading Rate

14 m2 /Ltr / Coat



Ivory - 10B15

French Grey - 20250

Golden Yellow - 33000

Camry Blue - 60960

Choclate - 70900

Post Red - 57500

Bus Green - 45600

Chrome Orange - 54400