Prisma Race Track Paint

  • This paint is an environmentally friendly, pure acrylic emulsion based waterborne paint especially developed for the application on kerbs and as delineation along road racing circuits.
  • Paint is characterized by fast drying, excellent covering power and good abrasion resistance.
  • Provides excellent skid resistance for high speed racing and a drain effect under rainy condition without requiring any drop-on materials.
  • Paint is suitable for both bituminous (e.g. mastic asphalt, asphaltic concrete) and concrete surfaces.
  • Can only be processed with atomized technique. Applying the material with a roller might be an option.
  • This paint is certified for homologation by FIA (Federation of International Automobile) & FIM (Federation of International Motorcycle) which is pre-requisite for application on formulae circuits.


Key Information



Drying Time

20 minutes at 20°C

Spreading Rate

4 - 5 m² / Litre / Coat