Optima Exterior / Interior Emulsions

Optima Exterior/ Interior Emulsion is based on alkali resistant Acrylic Copolymer which is able to withstand extreme temperature variations prevailing in Middle East. The dried paint film is matt in finish and allows moisture vapors to permeate through the film and thus providing a ‘breathing’ barrier. Thoroughly dried coating is washable and may be cleaned with water and sponge to remove surface contamination. Newly plastered surface should be allowed to dry and grounded with stone. The surface shall be free from grit, dirt and grease. Apply Acrylic Primer Sealer or Optima Primer Sealer and fill hairline cracks and minor voids with Optima Interior Putty (for interior surfaces only).  Sand paper lightly the filled surfaces and there after apply final two coats of Optima Ext. /Int. Emulsion

Key Information



Drying Time

4 hours

Spreading Rate

10 m2/Ltr



Rain Drops - 20002

Daffoldil - 30006

Blue Morn - 60500

Bliss - 70004

Parakeet - 40005

Merigold - 50001

Quick sand - 70011

Cool Autumn - 60002