Imaj Silk Emulsion

IMAJ Silk Emulsion is a highly durable and flexible coating ideally suitable for internal application on masonry surfaces including plastered walls, on block works and on wooden surfaces. The coating is formulated to give excellent flow; leveling and film build and on drying provides an elegant silk finish which remains unaffected by climatic variation prevailing in Middle Eastern countries. As the film dries, fast release of water leads to early development of hardness, dirt pick up resistance and flexibility to withstand hot and high humidity of these regions.

Key Information



Drying Time

Over night

Spreading Rate

10 m² / Ltr / Coat



Lilac Petal - 65100

Olive - 20005

Custard Yellow - 30001

Gardenia - 10300

Autum White - 50005

Bubble Gum Pink - 50018

Morning Glory - 60001

Cotton Grey - 20100