Imaj Acrylic Emulsions

IMAJ Acrylic Matt Emulsion is formulated for hot and humid climates. It is based on alkali resistant Acrylic Copolymer which is able to withstand extreme temperature variations prevailing in Middle East. The dried paint film is matt in finish and allows moisture vapors to permeate through the film and thus providing a ‘breathing’ barrier. Thoroughly dried coating is washable and may be cleaned with water and sponge to remove surface contamination.

Key Information



Drying Time

4 hours

Spreading Rate

10 m2/Ltr



Iron Grey - 20003

Ice Blue - 60750

Mushroom - 70001

Pista - 40400

Goldfish - 50006

Irish Pink - 52600

Ivory - 10B15

Dark Opel - 50012