Prismagaurd Weatherproof Fine Tex

PRISMAGUARD WEATHER PROOF Fine Texture is a high performance acrylic texture coating with excellent Anti-carbonation properties ideally suitable for external applications over concrete or masonry surfaces. It is highly alkali resistant and provides extra protection for concrete and all types of masonry.  It is lightfast and has good adhesion to concrete and forms a tough and durable finish with light texture. The PRISMAGUARD WEATHERPROOF coating system comprising of primer (APS) overcoated with Texture is highly effective for exterior use and provides a highly durable non-cracking finish. PRISMAGUARD WEATHERPROOF Coating gives protection against diffusion of carbon dioxide and acts as an Anti-carbonation coating. Highly   recommended for long term protection of reinforced concrete structures such as buildings, bridges or towers

Key Information


Satin - Matt

Drying Time

4 hours

Spreading Rate

3 m2 /Ltr



Fawn - 08B17

Ivory - 10B15

Green Pear - 40003

Ice Blue - 60750

Copper dust - 52500

Oyster - 20450

Modern Day - 20004

Sandlewood - 50002