Prismadur Topcoat

Prismadur Top Coat 760 is a two component Epoxy polyamide topcoat chemical resistant finishing coat suitable for application over Epoxy Primer and Epoxy Intermediate coat. The total 3-coats of Epoxy provide a high-build film which contributes towards greater protection against corrosion and chemical attack. It is a high performance coating ideally suitable for internal applications. The coating is highly resistant to all mild chemicals and provides extra protection to all types surfaces.  It has good adhesion over Epoxy Primer/Intermediate system if applied within recoating period and forms a tough finish. Highly recommended for long term protection of steel structures (Conforms to US Fed.Standard TT-C-535B).

Key Information


Semi gloss

Drying Time

24 hours

Spreading Rate

10 m2 /Lt /Coat



French Grey - 20250

Cream - 10C31

Lemon Yellow - 30050

Neptune Blue - 66000

Shell Pink - 52300

Chrome Orange - 54400

Signal Red - 54750

Jade Green - 48000