Prismadur Floorcoat

Prismadur Floor paint is an Epoxy Polyamide two component tough product suitable for coating concrete substrates. It is a high performance coating with excellent non slip properties. The coating is highly alkali resistant and provides extra protection for concrete.  It has good adhesion to concrete and forms a tough finish, able to withstand mild chemicals such as diluted acids and alkalis and also good abrasion from foot and vehicular traffic. Highly recommended for long term protection of reinforced concrete floors, stairs etc

Key Information


Light Sheen

Drying Time

24 hours

Spreading Rate

5m2 /Lt.



Ivory - 10B15

Dove Grey - 00A05

Sahara - 08C31

Golden Yellow - 33000

Post Red - 57500

Bus Green - 45600

Navy Blue - 67800

Graphite - 26000