Optima Interior Emulsion

IMAJ Interior Emulsion is based on Acrylic Copolymer paint for Interiors. It is an economical Interior finish having good opacity and whiteness which is easy to apply which can produce beautiful matt finish. Newly plastered surface should be allowed to dry and grounded with stone. The surface shall be free from grit, dirt and grease. Apply Optima Primer Sealer and fill hairline cracks and minor voids with Optima Interior Putty (for interior surfaces only).  Sand paper lightly the filled surfaces and there after apply final two coats of Optima Interior Emulsion

Key Information



Drying Time

4 hours

Spreading Rate

10 m2/ Ltr



Pallazoo - 10200

Blush Pink - 50100

Oyster - 20450

Magnolia - 08B15

Honey suckle - 06C33

Sahara - 08C31

Mist Blue - 60100

Peppermint - 40030