Imaj Elastomeric Roof Seal

Imaj Elastomeric Roof seal is a highly flexible waterproof coating ideally suitable for external application on concrete roof decks or directly on galvanized steel sheets. The coating is formulated to give excellent film build when applied by short nap rollers and on drying provides a highly durable waterproof membrane which remains unaffected by climatic variation prevailing in Middle Eastern countries. As the film dries, fast release of water leads to early development hardness, dirt pick up resistance and excellent flexibility to withstand hot and high humidity of these regions. The coating is unaffected by strong sunlight as Acrylics are virtually immune to ultraviolet radiation and does not become brittle through oxidation. Additionally, the white elastomeric film reflects sunlight and provides some insulation against heat.

Key Information


Matt finish

Drying Time


Spreading Rate

2 Kg/sq.m.